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Install Dividend Investor and Subscribe to unlock your dividend portfolio's full potential! Dividend Investor assembles your dividend-oriented holdings data for review in ways that are not handled by other apps. This is not a trading app, nor does it have direct access to your online accounts. Some of the features:

This App is currently limited to US stock markets and currency.

Please grant permission for the App to access File Storage, which is required for imports, backup/restore and logs transmission (in order to report issues).

(View this app's listing on Google Play in your browser for more screenshots across device types.)

IMPORTANT: Dividend Investor REQUIRES an ongoing monthly data subscription for data provided by a third party. This is data that the app depends on, and they do not provide it for free. You may get access to it however at a GREATLY reduced rate via the EASY In-App subscription of $2.85 per month (plus any applicable local taxes), which allows AnnealSoft to to recoup the cost for providing this data to you at the best price possible. That's less than the price of a small latte at Starbucks! The In-App subscription, billed through Google Play, will be renewed automatically each month.

You can try it out risk-free by subscribing within the app for the FREE 3-day trial period (for first-time subscribers), and then if you are not satisfied, you may cancel your In-App subscription before the end of the trial. Otherwise, you will be automatically enrolled by Google Play into a paid monthly subscription at the end of the free trial period. Use the subscription popup after the About screen when initially installed, or visit the app's " Settings" page for the subscription offer, to subscribe. (To make the most of the trial period, it is suggested that you start it early in the week.)

This app has been meticulously developed and maintained by the original author. Before leaving negative reviews, if you have any questions or issues, please contact AnnealSoft via email, or by using the Application Feedback section of the Settings page in the app, and we will do our best to resolve them. Please include any specific symbols you are having issues with, if problems are specific to them.

And finally, if you like the app, please give it a good rating/review!

To take the app for a test drive ( browse informational screens in the app without a subscription -- or even with one, using the test portfolio data), install the Dividend Investor app from Google Play (use the icon at left to go to Google Play Store), download the entire demo zip file below to your device, and restore it into the app (using Dividend Investor / Settings / Restore). The demo data configurations are set up to allow fractional shares; this can be disabled in settings. Please do not modify the demo file contents directly, or the app may not function correctly. NOTE: Some features of the app will not function without a subscription. These include, but are not limited to: stock symbol validation, quotes, declared dividend history and updates, company profile, company sector and industry group.

Download Zip File of Demo Data for Dividend Investor

To clear the demo data from your app install, use Dividend Investor / Settings / Reset (clears all data and optionally, configurations).